Desi J

Hi my name is Desi J. I’m based in Long Beach California. I create drawings and paintings. I enjoy creating animation art as well as abstract and realistic art . I also enjoy collaborations with other artist and businesses. So if you would like to collaborate you can dm me on instagram or send me an email at You can see my work on instagram @officialdesij and tiktok @officialdesij. My goal is to inspire as many individuals as I can with my art as well as healing the world with my art pieces.


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Contact Information

Desi J
(562) 513-4899

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Artist Work

Lion Head (2021)
A black and white painting of a lion head requested by My aunt.

Link to Lion Head

cheetah doodle (2021)
A black and white painting of a cheetah with little characters as the body.

Link to cheetah doodle

lol doll (2020)
The lol doll mural was done on a bedroom wall .The colors of the lol doll are pink, brown, white and black.

Link to lol doll