Dave Van Patten

I am heavily inspired by the 1960s surrealist children’s book authors, indy weirdo comics, 1990s SNL humor, and psychedelic album art. I do my best to fuse these influences into what I create. Although most of my drawings begin small and simple, aimed at dark humor comics or illustrative designs, often times I’ve been commissioned to blow up these drawings onto huge buildings. I paint my murals with the same approach as my illustrations- clean lines, bright colors, and a cohesive color scheme that ultimately feels good on the eyes. I enjoy themes ranging from absurdity, to Socio-political satire, to philosophy and spirituality, to macabre humor. The unifying factor of all the genres is the attempt at humor and underlying conscience. Art for art sake can still be great, but when it’s blended with humor and conscience, it’s a great recipe


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Dave Van Patten
(562) 253-6889

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Artist Work

Alex's Bar Mural for Pow!Wow! 2017 (2017)
This 60ft mural was done for Alex's Bar in Long Beach under Pow!Wow! Long Beach 2017.

Starbucks Mural (2018)
This mural spans across several walls, nearly encapsulating the entire exterior of the Starbucks on Long Beach Blvd. and Willow, in Long Beach, CA. The mural tells the story of coffee, beginning with the farms, and moving on into the community.

Illustrated Map of Long Beach (2014)
This is an illustrative map of Long Beach As an 18 year resident of LB, I did my best to represent the personality of the various neighborhoods and districts in this humous and whimsical rendering.