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My life passion has always been to tell stories for the empowerment and betterment of the individual and communities alike. I’m drawn to humanitarian documentaries, coming of age stories, the sci-fi genre, and I also have a knack for commercial/marketing content.
I stated 4th Street Productions as a hub to create films that make you feel. It’s grown gracefully into a full service creative and commercial studio. Currently most our staff is poc, a mix of sexes, backgrounds, and I’ve had such a pleasure to be employing interns from the city college I used to attend. While building this company I also taught film at a charter school in Compton and a mental health center in Sherman oaks. Helping others grow their potential is something I will always give my energy too.
Currently working on a community wide feature in Long Beach, CA.
Bio –
In his creative ventures, Damián has produced and filmed a variety of narrative and documentary films that have been screened at film festivals, won awards, and have been released on major streaming platforms. Having worked for Netflix, Amazon, Bravo, History Channel, to name a few, he’s earned his stay in the film industry. His attention to detail, unique vision, and heartful storytelling has made Damian a genuine craftsman in his field. Damian recently completed a coming of age short film, The Origin of Birds, which will release in October 2022. The film crew was a group of diverse and talented artists that are primarily from Long Beach. Brewmance, a documentary based on Long Beach craft brewers, was recently released on Amazon and Apple TV after a successful festival circuit. Damian was the co-producer and cinematographer for the film.


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Damián Javier Apunte
(828) 242-6490

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Artist Work

Music Video Reel (2021)
An array of music videos that I produced, directed, and on most of them DP'd.

Music Video Reel

Clips: "I'm With You" by The Fellow Robot ICD Parody "Perfect" by Taj El Rey "Friends" by Kikee Bah "Envy" by Army of None Lady Friar ICD Show Song: "Electric Man" by Rival Sons

Director's Reel (2022)
A variety of films I've directed, written, and produced.

Damian J Apunte Creative Reel 2022

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Commercial Reel (2018)
A sample of the commercial and creative work I produce.

Commercial Reel 2018

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