Courtney Colgan

Courtney Colgan is a New York and Los Angeles based artist working in a variety of media.
Focusing on two aspects of traditionalism, Colgan explores the figure and the landscape through oil painting, drawing, and film photography. Colgan’s abstract paintings explore the subconscious desire to return to the horizon line. Her transparent colors and tones create atmospheric depths that intrigue the viewer to look closer. The visual journey through subtle marks and tonal changes are meditative as it invites the viewer inwards only to infinitely look outwards.
Colgan incorporates the figure in her medium to large scale charcoal portraits. Like her paintings the mark dictates the mood. Colgan’s figures are often in foreboding, melancholic, yet determined emotional states. Strong willful expressions formed by high contrast gestural marks reflect Colgan’s interest in German and Austrian Expressionism. The absence of background forces the viewer into gripping white space and without guilt does not let them out.
Colgan is currently living and working in Long Beach, California.



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Courtney Colgan

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Artist Work

"Anticipation Meets Trepidation:, Oil on Wood, 12" x 10", 2016 (2016)

"A Hard Place", Charcoal on Stonehenge Paper, 30" x 22", 2018 (2018)

Untitled, Painting on Wood, 10" x 10" (2017)