Cortnee Brush

I am a multidisciplinary visual artist, following in the footsteps of contemporary sculpture and feminist art aesthetics. I have developed my practice to include sculptural fabrication techniques, performance, and video. My inspiration comes from my lived experiences as a woman and artist. I am in a constant state of unlearning and relearning. Due to the intimate level I speak on, I regularly use my body as a medium, through life casting or performance. The resulting collection of self-portraiture works as a tool of critical self-exploration of identity, autonomy, and femininity.

In addition to my art practice, I pursue being in service of the community I live in through art education. I have a passion for grassroots organizations and non-profits centered on social justice, sustainability, and the ability for all people to realize their creative potential.


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Cortnee Brush

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Fixation (2017)
Fixation, 2:30 min looped video, installation view. Viewers are invited to wear headphones where they are enveloped by a slow r&b beat and the large visual projected on the wall. The video flips between an oral fixation, nail biting habit, and obsessive beauty consumption.

Clitoris (2018)
Clitoris is a small bronze cast sculpture measuring approximately 2"x2.5" it is of the entire organ of the clitoris, created after a 3D model made by French researcher, Dr. Odile Fillod.

Jess (2018)
4"x7" watercolor painting