Claire Mitchell

I am a Long Beach Artist, born and raised. Most of my past works are oil paintings on canvas, but I am also interested in the animation world, with a few works in hand drawn animation with pencil, and some charcoal animation. While I have very little classical training, I have taken art classes at Long Beach City College where I am currently studying with a double major in Fine Arts and Psychology. I would like to extend my work to include murals and city-installations, both of which I am currently trying to pursue. With the present outbreak of Covid-19, I have started to explore chalk art in large scale sidewalk murals, many of which I have been commissioned to do for people’s birthdays or graduations. While I have very little training in digital arts, I was also selected to digitally create images for the First Congregational Church of Long Beach’s Annual Stewardship Drive under the theme “Raise your Voices.”

Some of my art can be found on my instagram @claartt

If you are interested in commissioning me to do some work or would like to hear a bit more about my art, you can reach me by email at or by DM on instagram. Thank you for your interest!




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Contact Information

Claire Mitchell
(562) 714-8632

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Artist Work

A Friend in Quarantine (2020)
Hand Drawn Pencil Animation

Untitled (2020)
oil on canvas

Luca Sleeps (2020)
Charcoal Animation

Renaissance Women (2019)
Pencil Drawing

Connection Despite the Distance (2020)
Sidewalk Chalk Art

Tomatoes Rejecting Christmas Colors (2020)
Oil on Canvas Board