Hi my name CJ, I am photographer from the Signal Hill/Long Beach area. When I take pictures I more so want the photos to be eye catching; whether it be using colored lights, capturing the subject in a public area such as beaches/urban areas.



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Christain Jeff
(562) 303-0447

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"Heman Women Lovers Club" (2021)
Visual Music Video

Heman Women Lovers Club (Visual Music Video)

Shot on Sony a6400 in HDSmack that like & subscribe button for ya boy!!!Follow the kid on IG: @Akidnamecj

Asa Akira (2020)
Visual Music Video

Asa Akira (Visual Music Video)

Filmed around Shoreline Village, The Pike, Junipero Beach in Long Beach & Signal HillCamera: Sony a6400Lens: Signa 16mm 1.4Editing Software: Final Cut Pro Fo...

Huntington Beach (2021)
A windy day in the city of HB