Bryan Amburgey

Former filmmaker turned technologist–using Augmented Reality to create virtual art, that lives in the real world.
In addition to my film editing and programming, I have worked with a number of local artists to bring my sketches to life as real paintings. I continue to develop my own projects like the AR artwalk “Walls” that was held in 2015 with Brandon Halvorson’s, as well as a historically themed project with the city at Harvey Milk Park in 2016 and a new one about to go public.

I have repeatedly brought concepts to local artists, and have commissioned them to make sketches I create into paintings. I am not pretending I illustrated the final work, but usually have conceived the concept and done a rough outline. One of them is my featured image, which was a collaboration based on a sketch I sent to LB artist Kenny McBride.


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Bryan Amburgey
(562) 565-2889

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Artist Work

Walls AR Art Walk (2015)
These show some of the local art that was featured in the 2015 Augmented Reality ARtwalk "Walls," put on by Bryan Amburgey's ARLB and Brandon Halvorson's Assignment Creative.

Ar movie

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Colorblind (2001)
This was my first short film, shot back in 2001 when I was 16 years old. Was selected by Apple to present this film at multiple conferences in Santa Fe, Chicago, and Naples in 2002-2003, and was told that Steve Jobs saw and liked the film.

Colorblind (Short Film on Racism)

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Evergreen (Children's Book) (2018)
Two page spread from a collaboration with LB artist Kenny McBride. It is a 40 page Children's Book that I wrote and helped wire frame, and then Kenny illustrated.