I design and build wooden goods out of my garage in Long Beach, CA. I went to school at CSULB for “general design” where i learned computer and hands on design techniques. I design my goods on the computer and then build and sell them! Currently I am focusing on getting my inventory of goods up on my website, focusing on functional home objects such as cutting boards, frames, and mirrors.


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brandy wayne

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yin yang lazy susan (2020)
I consider my work to be functional art I want people to be able to interact with it and use it everyday my yin yang lazy susan uses a harmony of walnut and maple, light and dark. You can interact with it by spinning it!

Eat the rich chopping block (2021)
This is a butcher block that I created using poplar, walnut and my laser engraver. It speaks for itself.

Shroomy Board (2020)
A show stopping counter piece. with my boards you can have your own functioning art gallery on your counter top.