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Bethany Robert is a Southern California based artist whose work has been featured in galleries, as well as on the sets of primetime television shows, in home decor stores and hotels worldwide. Her studies in art, fashion, Spanish and world travels have all influenced her art. Her goal is to spread love, hope and light through the art she creates.

She gains inspiration from textiles, patterns on the earth’s surface, and from striking color combinations. Bethany is drawn to creating bold, abstract art because of the level of subjectivity it allows. Her art includes using a mixture of unique textures, oils, inks, acrylics and pastels on canvas, paper and wood. Her works feature a complex design of shapes and colors, pulled together with magnetic focal points and strong composition.

An artist who is ever-changing, colorful, passionate, and eager to discover, Bethany is dedicated to creating works that attract viewers and makes art accessible to everyone.



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Bethany Robert

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Artist Work

Bold Love (2017)
Mixed-media on wood panel: acrylic, pastel, ink, texture, hand-made paper.

I Chose Love (2021)
Mixed-media on canvas: acrylic, pastel, ink, oil, oil pastel, texture, hand-made paper.

The Light Within (2023)
Mixed-media on canvas: acrylic, pastel, ink, spray paint, oil pastel, texture, hand-made paper.

Hopeful (2018)
Painting/Mixed-media on canvas - acrylic, oil pastel, oil, texture.