Arvindjeet Kaur

Healing trauma, depression, anxiety and stress has been one of her biggest themes since childhood. Her conscious journey of self healing began in 2006 where she experienced an awakening which sparked her interest on going inward with intention to get to the root of what was causing an imbalance of her mind body and spirit. Weeks after her awakening, she was introduced to Universal Energy Healing which opened her up to various forms of holistic healing modalities in which she later on received formal training in, such as Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Kundalini Yoga and Sound Healing. Her intention is to share to tools elevate the wellbeing of all and co-create a safe space for community to gather, connect, learn, grow and be.




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Arvindjeet Kaur
(714) 325-0633

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Artist Work

Sound Bath @ Desert Daze Festival (2018)
Footage taken by Erik Takagi Butts ( from the Kintamani Moon & Friends Sound Bath inside the Mystic Bazaar at Desert Daze 2018 featuring the sounds of Arvindjeet Kaur, Hyphen Select, Doe Paoro, Chente & Spirit.

Sound Healing

LA Art Show 2018