Artos Saucedo

Mexican-American Artist born in Long Beach, CA & raised throughout the Los Angeles County / Harbor Area. Drawing on influences from a chicano upbringing & growing his craft through years of Spray painting, Hip-hop & Music production. In 2013 he pivoted into graphic apparel to create Westology Clothing where he was self taught Graphic design & Screen printing. Westology represented a movement of Street artist, Music Producers, Skaters & Photographers here on the West Coast. Come late 2019 the concept for Open Gallery emerged. At the beginning it was used as a space for local visual artist to create, then slowly transitioning into a full time Art Gallery & Print Space. Open Gallery is located at 1740 E 7th St Long Beach, Ca 90813 @opengallerylb. He combines the use of these mediums / space to shed light on Art, Culture & to create opportunities within his local communities.


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Artos Sacuedo
(562) 810-4055

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Artist Work

Waiting My Turn (2022)
Acrylic, Spray Paint, Screen Print on Wood Panel. Representative of the infinite space our souls exist in until it's our time to enter a new existential dimension.

Journey to Peace / Balance (2021)
Spray Paint, Screen Print on Wood Panel. Representative of the different levels of Peace and / or Balance we may be at on our journey through life.

Chrome Rose (2020)
Digital illustration done in Procreate. Drawing from the vintage chrome aesthetics of the lowrider culture, this piece represents the beauty and layers that exist within it.