Artist Shelley Bruce

Artist Shelley Bruce is a creative based in Long Beach, with a mission to serve the world’s greatest challenges through spirituality, poetry, painting and community organizing.

A Cal Poly Pomona graduate with degrees in Ethnic Studies and Fine Art, as well as background in Reiki & meditation, Shelley’s creative focus centers on painting, poetry, spirituality & activism. She has featured poetry at countless shows, produced social justice events for 10+ years, founded and directed nonprofit educational programs, but most notably has traveled to Washington DC, San Diego, New York, Ghana, the UK, and Bermuda sharing her painting. Her first publication of poetry, On Blooming, was released in fall 2018, &; painting series Heaven Here released in fall 2019. Shelley is also the founder of the event series HEALING, that produces protests based in wellness to powerfully rejuvenate & inspire communities.



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Shelley Bruce

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Artist Work

Oprah (2019)
from Heaven Here series (2019)

Light Seed- poem performance (protest Venice, CA) (2020)
Speech/Poem at #BlackLivesMatter protest and ceremony, day of HEALING in Venice, CA on June 21st 2020.

Link to Light Seed- poem performance (protest Venice, CA)

Meditation, poem and intuitive channeling reflecting on the themes of heartbreak, duality and transformation in 2020.

SURRENDER, by Artist Shelley Bruce

SURRENDER by Artist Shelley Bruce, released 25 September 2020

Two-ness (2010)
Abstract painting, mixed media. 2015