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I am Amy Tanaka, an artist, muralist, surface pattern designer, and sign artist for Trader Joe’s. I create art work for simple things around the home or office, and design unique pieces for businesses, and public spaces in the community. I have been an artist since I was little, but have worked professionally as an artist since 2009. I work predominantly with paint (acrylic or watercolor) for hand lettering signs and murals, but also have a plethora of experience in surface pattern design which includes patterns for fabric and wallpaper, logos, marketing materials, etc. I have helped coordinate and paint backdrops and signage for Long Beach festivals and nonprofit events, weddings, and art walks. I have found that most of my work has gravitated towards what I value in the community which is food access and health, unity, and environmental awareness.


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Amy Tanaka
(562) 303-2714

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Artist Work

Gone Apple Picking (2022)
"Gone Apple Picking" A collection of fall patterns inspired by annual family trips to Oak Glen for apple picking. Colors and illustrations of apples, pumpkins, and leaves bring back memories of quality time with family. Patterns were used for fabric and marketing materials for a Kids Fall Festival.

Link to Gone Apple Picking

Encore Aerospace LLC Indoor Gym Mural (2013)
Encore Aerospace LLC hired my husband and I to further brand their building by painting the interior of their gym with their Encore logo and airplane silhouettes in their company colors.

Farmers Market Mural (2022)
Bixby Knolls Farmers Market Community Mural. I was hired to design a mural centered around health and food and it's connection to the community through a farmers market. This mural was grant funded and in collaboration with Long Beach Fresh & the Bixby Knolls Farmers Market.