Amelie Simmons

Amelie Simmons is a local Long Beach artist using acrylic paint as her primary medium of choice to create representational, impressionistic, abstract, and dimensional (tactile Touch Me) paintings.
She finds inspiration locally and from her adventures while traveling. Scuba diving has given her a new perspective of the underwater world, while her career as a clinical laboratory scientist has provided her access to the microscopic world.
Amelie enjoys sharing her artwork with others and have people touched by not only what they see but literally feel. She uses dimensional media in her tactile paintings that everyone can and should touch. Her dimensional (Touch Me) paintings are dedicated to the visually impaired and those that “feel” the urge to touch artwork as she does. Enjoy her creations.


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Contact Information

Amelie Simmons
(562) 243-2347

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Artist Work

Whirled Piece (2015)
Whirled Piece (of art) is a play on words for whirled peas (world peace). It is one of the "Touch Me" dimensional painting that is meant to be touched. It was painted in honor of Earth Day.

Youthful Spirit (2018)
This captures the pure joy and excitement of a child seeing the beauty of Burney Falls for the first time.

Trouble with Trebles (2016)
Trouble with Trebles is another dimensional "Touch me" painting that is meant to be touched.