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Alexis Roundy is a Huntington Beach based artist originally from Washington state. She works in different series and often incorporates nostalgia into her work. She works in many different areas of the art field such as drawing, painting, graphic and assemblage. She is inspired by artist’s like Andy Warhol, Rob Rauschenburg and Henri Matisse.

She graduated from Columbia Basin College in 2018 with an Associates Degree in Arts & Sciences with an Emphasis in Visual Arts. Alexis was awarded the Allied Arts Association Continuing Student Scholarship and the Dr. Robert Moore Endowed Scholarship for the Arts while attending Columbia Basin College. She has exhibited her work in Washington at locations such as The Gallery in the Park, Drewboy Creative Gallery, Washington State University Tri-Cities, Columbia Basin College and the Esvelt Gallery. Three original pieces belong to the permanent collection of Columbia Basin College.

In July of 2018 Alexis relocated to Orange County, California. Since moving to Orange County she has exhibited work at CSULB, Huntington Beach Art Center and has particpated in the Downtown Santa Ana, First Fridays at Bixby Knolls and Long Beach City Art-walk.

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Contact Information

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Artist Work

Caps Project (2020)
59"X 32" Mixed Media Assemblage

Link to Caps Project

Upcycled Caps Project March 31st, 2020

Caps ProjectI started collecting these caps in 2017 rather I made my co-workers @rockabillyroastingco @flyingx_coffee help me collect these milk and syrup ca...

Elephant (2020)
11" X 14" Ink on Paper

Link to Elephant

Geometric Abstract (2020)
10" X 10" Ink on Paper

Link to Geometric Abstract

Geometric Abstract with Alcohol Markers May 6th 2020

Final project for my illustration class! One final down, 2.5 to go! This was fun, I doodled a few more designs like this. I am thinking of turning them into...

Blue Ringed Octopus (2016)
36" X 36" Acrylic on Canvas

Link to Blue Ringed Octopus

Limes and Oranges (2019)
Digitally Created with Adobe Illustrator

Link to Limes and Oranges

Flying X Coffee Mural (2018)
Enamel Paint on Shed Exterior

Link to Flying X Coffee Mural