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Alexander Noel Villalobos is a self-taught artist, born and raised in Long Beach, California to a Mexican father and Latvian mother. He grew up in a liberal, multicultural community which influenced him during his formative years. After almost a decade of working at an unfulfilling job, he decided to take a risk and focus on his passion for creating digital and traditional media. He has since been shown in a few gallery located in the Arts District of Los Angeles. The characters he creates and colors he chooses are inspired by personal life experiences, filmmakers, and artists, such as Ed Roth and various Adult Swim illustrators. He believes that there is a healing element that comes along with fully indulging oneself in art. His mission is to provide those few seconds of “losing yourself for a bit”.


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Alex Villalobos

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“Index Family” (2018)
This is a family from multiple species and ethnic backgrounds that I drew on the back of some index cards with sharpie.

Paraíso (2018)
This is a digital piece I made for Juan Wauters. One of my favorite musicians. In this piece, he is hiking with his pet porcupine, trying to get a ride to paradise.

“The Wolf Chief” (2018)
My last name in Spanish represents “Village of Wolves”.So I decided to create my rendition of what the chief of that village would look like.

“Bam Bam” (2018)
This is a digital piece I made for one of my favorite rap artists, Action Bronson.I like the color combination of red and yellow, I felt like this would be a good combination for this portrait.