Akira Usagi

Akira Usagi is a Japanese American artist based in the Los Angeles area.
Being a trained chemist and former high school chemistry teacher, he believes art, like chemistry, to be an honest pursuit of truth through observation, experimentation, and imagination.

Like a chemist, he is interested in visualizing what is virtually invisible. He is focused on themes of (dis)harmony, (dis)connection, and experimentation that exist within nature, music, urban life, and the human spirit.

His ultimate goal is to crystallize visual images of his hopes, fears, demons, and dreams as an escape and salvation from/towards reality. He hopes to use his work as a platform to help unite people who encounter similar struggles and victories in their lives.


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Artist Work

Meltdown (2022)
Aerosol on Exterior

Amber Blossoms (2022)
Aerosol on Exterior Wall.

Castles Made of Sand (2022)
Aerosol on Interior Wall

Mother Of Us All (2021)
Oil on Canvas, 6x6

Electric Sunset (2018)
Acrylic on Canvas. 10x20

Houses of the Rising Sun (2022)
Oil on Canvas, 16x20