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In Collaboration artists, Mario Aguirre Uriarte, Kiko Vazques Ramos, Nora Mukahata painted, ‘Por Los Derechos Plenos’ a mural triptych painted on panel. The mural explores the struggle and fight for basic human rights coming from an immigrant’s perspective. Each panel highlights topic of Immigration reform and includes text that encourages community members to stay active in the fight for freedom; messages read: “Respect for Community”, “Positive outlook pride. How would you feel if your mother cried every day.” & “Respect for all our lives. Y al final venceremos.” The mural is a daily reminder of cultural heritage and the proud diversity in the city of Long Beach. The mural is sponsored and commissioned by Long Beach Dept. of Parks and Recreation.



Additional Artist Details Nora Mukaihata, Mario Aguirre Uriate and Fredrico Vasquez Ramos

Type of Art

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Business Improvement District

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Address 1241 East Anaheim Street Long Beach, CA (get directions)

GPS Coordinates 33.782743, -118.175243

Location Name Dong Mai Market

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes

45, 46

Dimensions8 ft. x 24 ft.

Primary Materials

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