12 Steps

5881 Cherry Ave. is home to the “Intercity Fellowship Hall.” The Intercity Fellowship Hall is a facility that serves as a meeting place for Drug and Alcohol recovery in North Long Beach. Although the site has been newly renovated, it was previously a target for graffiti artist. Graffiti has remained prevalent in the area, which puts the property at risked for blight. The mural placement brings a host of benefits the community. The presence of a mural displays an idea of hope, rather than vandalism. The mural’s meaning, which is a cross between the community’s culture and the facility’s goals helps raise awareness about services offered to those in need. The “12 Steps” title is recognition to the principals that recovering persons and community members use to prevail against unfortunate circumstances. The mural size is 75 Ft in length and 15 Ft in height.


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Long Beach, CA

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Councilman Rex Richardson 9th District

Address 5889 Cherry Ave, Long Beach, CA 90805, USA, 33.861898, -118.168871

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Additional materialsAcrylic Paint

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