Zolt Brown-Dunn

I’m a photographer based in Long Beach, my home town, where I began darkroom studies at Robert A. Millikan High. My work initially constituted of investigations on the relationship between the individual and the built environment, stemming from my lifelong obsession with architecture. Yet I found the work being produced in this vain to be relatively misanthropic, also realizing that the topic was an order of magnitude off from my real interest. These relationships to the built environment still find themselves surfacing in my redefined focus, the intersection between nostalgia and post-modernity. In addition I’m looking into the aggregates of runaway capitalism, social inequities, and an increasingly homogenized society.
In a way, I see photography as an existential art form, which makes it great for confronting these conversations happening in reality, having a curious ability to show people what they’ve seen day in and out yet now invoking contemplation. The medium also provides a lens through which I can better understand my own life. Being mildly dissociative, it provides a means to confront my experience in life though my gaze, solidified, revisitable. As for personal projects, I’ve begun to delve into my own family life. Though useful in this realm, I remain weary of seeking “truth” in the photograph.
I have done commercial work, product photography, graphic design, portraiture, headshots, and accept commissions!



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Zolt Brown-Dunn
(562) 400-7364

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Artist Work

Fashion Shoot No.4 (2017)

NightFall No.2 (2019)
Nightfall is a series of photographs which depict the bubbles - headspaces - we enter as the sun goes down. The viewer sees these isolated bubbles form a point of isolation themselves, always as the outsider.

Porter College Maker Fair Poster (2019)
PR / Marketing work done for Porter College at UCSC.