Yulia Gasio

As a figurative painter, Yulia concentrates on images of the human form. She believes human figures represent a sensuousness directly linked to our psychology and illustrates the human condition. In her opinion the human figure is the most profound way to convey complex social, political, and personal stories, while showing the fragility and value of human life. For a long time, Yulia portrayed experiences of her immediate family living in a war zone in Eastern Ukraine. Reviewing memories, following the journey of survivors of the ongoing war, and dealing with a personal identity crisis has led her to investigate this conflict in pictorial terms.


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Yulia Gasio
(559) 375-5381

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Artist Work

Dreaming of San Pedro (2021)
This is oil painting on canvas, 4 by 5 ft, that was done during the pandemic. It is to represent the solitude during the pandemic

Donbas from 2014 till the Present (2019)
I depict the trauma of an ongoing war through the experiences of my immediate family living in the war zone of eastern Ukraine During the ongoing Russian occupation, three of my family members were captured and tortured, which was a watershed moment in the my life that has defined identity

Ravens (2019)
My use of the traditional embroidery points to my understanding of a Ukrainian spring that revitalizes national identity and acts as a political statement in the face of ethnic erasure

In the Shadows of the Soviet Upbringing (2019)
After 2014, I have reevaluated the origins of Pan-Slavic identity and began to question the Soviet propaganda and historical perspective she was raised with as truth all her formative years.