My Name is William Rawz and i am a freelance videographer/photographer and owner of P&8 Film in association with In Your City News (iycn). While growing up within the Long Beach City limits, my vision for freelance artist and creative individuals has grown. I, with IYCN, and P&8 Film would like to create a viable platform for like thinking minds to showcase their gift. I, too, have a gift: Storytelling. Whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, documentary and journalism, i like to entertain. And why not do in this Long Beach.


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William Rawz
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https://youtu.be/UA5qRzumLz4 (2017)
Showing his range of work, William Rawz puts up an ad to help him advertise his Videography/Photography capabilities

P&8, Film LLC

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Triggs official lit Party (2019)
Snoop Dogg and Doggystyle South Records throws Triggs an Official "LIT" Release Party at the Ivar in Hollywood Supports friends and fans of Triggs lined up at the doors to get into the "LIT" event The Beautiful China, DoggyStyle Red Carpet interviewer, interviewed guest as they walked across the Red

Triggs Official "LIT" Release Party

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2miles til freedom Official trailer (2018)
William Rawz looks to entertain his audience with his new Film Trailer: 2Miles til Freedom Remy and Doc attempt to convince Handy, Dapper and Streetz that theirs still tons of dirty unclaimed drug money sitting in a barn 2miles from the Mexican border In a wild attempt to claim the

2miles til freedom Official trailer

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Slip Away Official Video (2018)
Big Supa expresses how he let the love of his life slip away in his new video Slip Away While walking down the Long Beach shoreline with the love of his life, Big Supa says a few wrong word and watches her Slip Away Film By William Rawz and P&8

Slip Away Official Video

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