Victoria Maldonado


I am an illustrator and painter who creates imagery based on personal experience, cultural influences, and current social issues. Using portraiture, my work mainly focuses on queer visibility, female empowerment, and multicultural identity. I incorporate methods such as painting, collage, photography, and printmaking in my practice to fabricate an image. My experiences as a non-binary queer Mexican-Japanese American navigate much of the content I create. Naturally, a lot of my work requires thorough research due to the erased and often edited histories of black, indigenous, trans, and/or queer people of color.

My goal is to use my platform as an artist to question and challenge complex issues of identity in order to tell stories, demand a call to action, and connect with audiences and organizations that support and advocate for under-served, marginalized groups.

When I am not busy painting in the studio, documenting visual references, or researching about queer indigenous history, I’m most likely splurging on a meal I can’t afford, reading a friend’s birth chart, or dancing to sad songs. I am currently freelancing and open for commissions.


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Victoria Maldonado
(562) 852-8795

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Artist Work

Saint Marsha (2018)
30" x 22" silkscreen print on stonehenge paper; Trans activist Marsha P. Johnson is re-imagined as a Saint -- referenced primarily from Saint Michael the Archangel. Accompanying Johnson is all the names of the trans women killed within the last year.

Link to Saint Marsha

KING (2018)
30" x 22" silkscreen print on poster board; Rapper Kendrick Lamar curated and produced the soundtrack album of motion picture, Black Panther -- this print serves to honor his contribution as well as celebrate African and African American culture.

Link to KING

Victoria and Dad (2019)
28" x 34" oil and collage on canvas; Using a direct reference from a photo of my late father and I, I incorporated collage throughout the painting sourcing various old family photos. By patterning these photos, I create not only a commemoration of my father, but a family quilt that showcases snapshots meant to revisit childhood memories. This painting serves as a place for vulnerability, nostalgia, and releasing grief from the death of a parent.

Link to Victoria and Dad

Tough and Tender (2019)
48" x 36" oil on canvas; Self-portrait

Link to Tough and Tender

Families Belong Together (2019)
Digital Media

Link to Families Belong Together

Mother Sylvia (2019)
Digital Media

Link to Mother Sylvia