Hi, My name is Jade but my artist name is Unjadedsunflower. I am a 23 year old artist based in Los Angeles, Ca. I create illustrative portraits of woman of color with a fun little twist. I add 4 eyes to each of my characters because I believe that in order to see true life, you always need an extra set of eyes…. I also wear glasses so I actually need an extra set of eyes hehe. I aspire to get my art around the world and be the representation that I wish I had growing up. I am always trying to grow and find new ways to enhance my art


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Chiquita Banana Girl (2019)
A digital drawing of a girl with a fruit hat. The original drawing was for a mural idea in Echo Park but I decided to reclaim it after the mural plan fell through.

Pencil and Sharpie Study (2019)
My first pencil and sharpie study. After practicing drawing faces for a year, I decided to test my style with the new techniques I learned

bLAck Girl (2019)
An LA themed painting that pays homage to my black girls from LA who rep who continue to rep who they are.