Hi, I’m Katelyn Tyler, but I usually go by Tyler. I’m a weird 13 year old with a wild passion to draw and create. From doodles to detailed commissions, I’m always looking for opportunities to draw. My work tends to include people, faces, or human-like characters. I have sketchbooks full of designs and funky expressions collected over the years. Recently, I’ve been getting into graffiti and have been experimenting with different styles. Yet, I’ve continued with improving on my proportions and studying real-life people. I approach art with the mindset that I will never be perfect, but I can control how much effort I put into it. I know that there will always be competition, but I can only improve for myself and keep trying. I know that I am young and have a lot to learn, but I am taking a chance and venturing into the unknown. Wish me luck!


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Katelyn Van Andel
(562) 212-8571

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Visual Art (2019)

Crazies Graffiti, Visual Art (2019)

Feeling Blue Visual Art (2019)