Thomas Bailey

Thomas Bailey is inspired by the grit and vibrancy of Southern California subcultures that are pervasive and blossoming throughout Long Beach. The authenticity of contemporary street art and the rebellious energy inherent in action sports culture informs Bailey’s distinct style. Surrealism and humor are important elements in his work and encourage merriment and a sense of whimsy for viewers encountering his pieces.

Bailey’s paintings are defined by a 2-d ‘assemblage’ style of layering multiple, diverse icons, symbols and characters, that can often seem jarring but are complementary, into a thought-provoking and bright graphic collage.

Thomas Bailey’s past professional experience in Marketing and Design for various digital media campaigns is reflected in the graphic and illustration style choices he makes in his work. Currently, Bailey has been exploring working in film and new media using web-based technology and videos to find new ways of story-telling that spark the imagination and (hopefully!) inspire others to create.


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Thomas Bailey
(858) 997-3852

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Artist Work

Good Day (2018)

Tonio (2017)