Theresse Diop-Dia

I am a self taught multi-dimensional artist. For the past year, I have been utilizing digital tools to make 2D, 3D and pixel art in order to craft unique stories. I love to explore different types of creative processes. I enjoy blending technology and traditional art methods to make a character or story come alive.


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Theresse Diop-Dia
(914) 771-1136

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Artist Work

Electronic Dimensions Vol. 3 Beach Vacation Simulation (2022)
Electronic Dimensions is a series I’ve been working on for the past few months where I create little worlds inside of Nintendo screens. In this series I use both pixel and 2D art to create a 3D world. This is Vol.3 of an ongoing series.

Little Portals Everywhere: The Ametrine Crystal of Wisdom (2022)
Little Portals everywhere is an ongoing series where I create 2D fantasy worlds. Each photo in the series has a mini animated gif to go with it, bringing the world alive. This is an ongoing series.

3D Creatures: Bubble Gum Monster (2022)
Bubble Gum Monster is one of the many 3D creatures in my collection. Each creature is a fantastical creature from my imagination.