Steven H. Garcia

I’m mainly know in the LGBTQA+ community for drawing Male Erotica Pin-ups of characters from Video games and Comics. Love drawing heroes in underwear like if they were a underwear model posing for for an photographer and in the last year started doing art also in the Furry Fandom art scene as well help bring peoples fursona’s to life.



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Steven H. Garcia
(562) 277-4511

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Artist Work

Iceman (2018)
I really wanted to draw a Pin-up of Bobby Drake AKA Iceman of the X-Men. Even more so when he came out as Gay, so here's the drawing.

Link to Iceman

Eclipse on the Hunt (2019)
StevieEclipse is my Fursona and the name I go by when I stream on twitch playing video games and stream art. In this drawing Eclipse is hanging out in the forest testing out the energy in his claws.

Link to Eclipse on the Hunt

Catwoman (2018)
Here is my drawing of the Iconic Catwoman from Batman Returns by my Michelle Pfeiffe.

Link to Catwoman