Roxanna Rendon Agin

Roxanna is an Oil Painter living in Long Beach, she studied Drawing and Painting at Cal State Fullerton.  She is influenced by some of the Impressionist period oil painters such as Van Gogh, Degas, Sargent.  She takes inspiration from Impressionism painting techniques to modern subjects, aspects that surround her life.  She uses her life as a way to create stories in her art, technique is an aspect she builds upon with each piece.  She uses colors and form to show focus in her art.  She works mainly in portraits, landscapes and still lives, in the medium of Oil Paint and Pencil.   Roxanna makes family portraits, whether from real life of taking small of aspects of real life to paint surreal subjects.  She has a love for traditional landscapes with a mixture of strangeness.  Color is a main focus she uses in her oil paintings, she works to push her boundaries on color mixing and lighting to create effective realistic and emotional artwork.


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Roxanna Rendon Agin

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Artist Work

Mi Abuelito (2018)
Oil paintint of my grandpa, reference was from an old photo at my grandparents home

Self Portrait (2018)
Portrait in pink

My Cactus (2018)
Cactus with growing pink flowers

Mercado en Mexico (2018)
A Market in Mexico

Husband at the beach
Painting of my husband in long beach

Riberbed Crane
Crane at the LA River