Ron Javorsky

As Proust wrote: “Photography achieves singular images even out of something otherwise well-known, images different from those we are used to seeing, singular and authentic.”
Light is my way of showing the strange within the familiar—unusual illumination, bizarre distortion. As one who grew up in a gray industrial city, I’m especially drawn to yellows, reds and oranges—colors that project warmth, that create contrast, that show us how every-day images can be shown with a luminescent and singular beauty.
I have been a practicing fine-arts photographer in Long Beach since 1995. My work tends to fall into one of four categories: candid portraiture (especially of my fellow jazz musicians), night photography, floral photography and architectural photography. I work in both color and black and white. I also have a good working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop such that I can now do anything I want with a basic image, including the creation of composite images of individuals and bands.
I have been shooting the architectural sights of Long Beach, Los Angeles and San Francisco for twenty years now. I’m attracted by unusual buildings. I shoot them but not as a documentarian. I look for strange details that jump out at me and beg to be photographed. I’m especially taken by reflections on the sides of glass buildings—I love the distortion in such images.
I do this to find the strange and different in the objects we all see every day. I want to point out difference to anyone who cares to find it. It’s as if it were my appointed duty to show those around me that Long Beach is not such an ordinary place. I’m saying to my friends and neighbors: “Look, this is it! This is the place we live in as I see it, as it really is. Take another look. The out-of-the-ordinary is all around you.” I plan to continue in this fashion as long as I can.


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Ron Javorsky
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Artist Work

Alvin at Home (2015)
This is a candid portrait of a good friend in San Francisco.

Eye Sun (2018)
Who says never point a camera at the sun?

Two Kites (2017)
Near Alameda a pelican overtakes an artificial kite.