Renee James

Karrtune is known for her bold, bright and colorful retro pop-art style Divas. Each original piece is created with Acrylic Paint, Color Pens, or her favorite medium, Color Pencils. You can recognize her work from the playful ways each Diva bas attitude with a smirk and the technique she uses to create each hairstyle.
Karrtune is a versatile artist with book illustrations, murals, skateboards, clothing and teaching under her belt. One of her favorite things to do is Art Fairs so that she can interact with other people who have a passion for Art as much as she does. Her favorite quote¬† is “Art is like clothing, it has to fit you”. Meaning you may love a piece but it won’t fit in your home.
This keeps her humble and appreciative to those who do take her work home.



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(562) 454-4087

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Artist Work

Diva Dots (2020)
18x18 canvas acrylic and Neon PaintInspired by women from the 1930's to the 1970 I created this piece honoring vintage women who cared about style. Plus I went through a Polka dot phase.

Bubble Yum (2020)
20x24 boardAcrylic paintI love the vintage retro era. The Rockabilly look with the "Rosie" scarf and hair styles. Let's not forget the polka dots

Water Hose (2020)
18x24 Color Pencil on illustration paperWatching neighborhood kids cooling off with the garden hose this summer gave me the idea of this piece.

Feeling Blue (2020)
BLUE SERIES 18x24 mix mediumAcrylic paint, Color pencil and glitter.Model is daughter-in-law. She's a 10 without make-up on. And that HAIR!