What I perceive as an artist is an able body, who can reconstruct any idea and make it their own. Within in my own guidelines I create art pieces that represent the realism in life qualities. The elements I put within my pieces are realistic views as well as the fantasies within a personal perspective. I find that doing this helps my viewers connect with my art calling the view to personally reflect inwards. Another aspect I value about art is that I am able to accomplish the incomplete imagery that myself or someone sustains to fulfill the happiness my craft.


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Rayamurffy Kom
(562) 472-6466

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Artist Work

Side Pro (2018)
I'm also a tattoo artist and doing a piece of a person side profiles with tattoos show my appreciation to all art forms.

Little Girl (2018)
This piece of little girl with her face painted depicts how playful the arts can be.

Gal Gadot (2018)
portrait of Gal Gadot

H2O vapors (2013)
This is a mural I did for a vapor store called H2O vapors. The mural has Japanese traditional art style with a geisha blowing out smoke that spells out H2O and a samurai holding a giant vapor.

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3d character model. one for the cambodians lol

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