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In 2002, I made up the name Ray Aquarius for myself. I’ve been an artist all of my life, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Previously I was & to some still am: BoneCrusher, Anonimous(1), TrueAnonimousOne, KuroTaiyo, The Specimen, and probably a few others that were either forgotten or omitted for sanity purposes.

Ray Aquarius “stuck,” in 2002, because of bootleg cable. My baby sitter was the TV, and I spent many nights up watching random movies on IFC, Sundance, HBO, and some other channels… either or. One of those movies on one of those channels inspired Ray Aquarius.

I grew up in Long Beach, CA, for the most part, but we moved around a lot when I was kid.

The things that influence my art are global. I’m obsessively into watching youtube, food testing, travel videos; different cultures amaze, impress, and inspire me. Culture can be beautiful! I try to capture intrinsic emotions or impressions in my art. Humans, animals, both, different styles, feelings, etc. That’s what multiple pages are for right?

Check out my work! I have multiple galleries, and i’ll be adding more stuff as time passes.

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~~Ray Aquarius


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Ray Aquarius
(562) 607-2476

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Artist Work

I was amazed (2018)
... the irony.

To HIm (0000)
Can't remember the year rn, lol But this was about letting go

Wonder Wander (2019)

Koi Drip (2017)
I really like this piece. More details on this one are coming soon on RayAquarius,com

Link to Koi Drip