Raul Gonzales Jr.

As a photographer and documentarian, I see life in the ways of celebrations, sorrows, hardships, joys, questionable motives, and intimidation. With these kind of environments, I often approach some homeless and ask them for their permission to hang out with them, get to know them. Showing them that I am just a human is what I do best.  I offer them food and money even though by today’s standards its more taboo than ever, that won’t stop me from doing what I need to do for humanity’s sake.

Images are likely to be found in monochromatic black and white style. I find it more intimate for the viewer to immerse them-self, to feel their emotions within the eyes of the portrait, their souls captured and vulnerable enough to make you feel their energy through my bodies of work.

With color, I do photograph in color, but when I do photograph people in color, I am just documenting their clothing, their style, the distractions, and there isn’t much “emotions” being felt and creating a relationship with the viewer.

I have been a photographer for a few years, having attended Cypress College with  completion of the majority of certificates available.  I am what I am.


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Raul Gonzales
(562) 332-0532

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Artist Work

Getting Shaved : Documentary (2017)
My mother's hands & my father's face. He is getting a nice clean shaven look with the help of my mother. My father has been in & out of the hospital since February 2017. Today he is now at home and able to perform more tasks on his own.

Leo: It Pun Fortune Reading (2017)
I met Leo, the It Pun Fortune Reader a few years before I took this photo. In fact, I have a posed photo of him. I only wish he remembers me for who I am. I gifted him a framed photo of himself and he was quite content.

Glowing Eyes (2018)
When in the streets of Los Angeles, I try to find unique gems such as this. I often and try hard to seek folks with glowing eyes such as this. It's not an easy task to find a great catchlight with a dramatic contrast.