Rafael-Carlo Serrato

Rafael-Carlo Serrato is a singer-songwriter who brings a punk ethos of raw minimalism and DIY to his folk and blues performances.

After writing, recording, producing and releasing his debut album, The Ferryman, RCS began frequenting the vibrant open mic communities all around Long Beach. Those evenings spent among artists, poets, listeners and other musicians opened a world not only filled with opportunity, but of friendships as well. It wouldn’t be too long after joining the music scene that he played his very first live show at Hellada Art Gallery for Long Beach’s Live After Five. Soon after, Rafael-Carlo Serrato found a rhythm in his live performances as sinister as the blues tunes he sings and wails. He’s supported Bay-area artists Alecia Haselton and Israel Sanchez in Los Angeles, his singer-songwriter duo “golden girl” dominated Long Beach City College’s Jammin’ Live event, and he’s even played a few shows in the Philippines.

As of 2018, all proceeds from his album The Ferryman are donated to the charity Little Kids Rock, an organization hellbent on bringing music programs, teachers and instruments to public schools across America. So far, RCS has raised over $50 dollars for the charity.

Rafael-Carlo Serrato is working on an EP Where the River Bends and another full-length album called Die Before Your Dreams Do.


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Rafael Serrato
(562) 650-6792

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Artist Work

The Ferryman (2017)
The Ferryman is a folk album about loss and lingering. Linger for too long though and you may forget where you're going. I wrote, recorded, produced and released the album myself.As of 2018, all digital proceeds from The Ferryman are donated to the charity organization Little Kids Rock.

Link to The Ferryman

Live Performance at Long Beach's Hellada Art Gallery (2019)
Crossroads is a rhythmic woe of blues, the Devil's lust and lost souls. Bear her mark and the devil shall bless you with a kiss as red as her envy ...

Crossroads (Live Performance) - Rafael-Carlo Serrato (Original Blues Song)

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Where the Flowers Refuse to Grow (2019)
If there's any place I will wait for you, it's Where the Flowers Refuse to Grow. The newest tune in the arsenal ...

Where the Flowers Refuse to Grow - Rafael-Carlo Serrato (Original Folk song)

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