Niloofar Banaei

Niloofar is a graphic artist and freelance illustrator, based in Long Beach California where she works on both commercial and personal projects. Currently attending Long Beach college and has plan to transfer Long Beach University to earn her BS Degree in Graphic Design. Her work is inspired by her childhood in Armenia, Persia and later moving to America. Her work is a process of location, space, color, breaking through boundaries the human relationships and interactions


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Niloofar Banaei

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Abandoned Illustration (2018)
This is a digital painting that I illustrated the poem of Molana Rumi. " I am not a messenger neither a follower, not a white or black and not what you call me, not sky not earth, I am not chained or salve of religion..."

Half and Half Illustration (2018)
This is a digital illustration that the message is A human is combination of good and bad, true and false, and innocence and sinful The acceptance of these sides will brings for us peace, happiness and independence Hence, we have to realize, we are strong enough and we have the

Love Illustration (2017)
This is a digital illustration that I show the meaning of love. True love is between couples who fall in love with their mind not their face.