Nat Iosbaker

As a poet, sign painter, and stencil artist, Nat Iosbaker’s work is grounded in living and working throughout Long Beach, CA, Madison, WI, and Chicago, IL. 

The paintings produced at his local studio, The Ice House, plays amongst personal narrative and amalgams of local style as well as his broader arts and activist community. This painting style can most recently be seen wrapping the utility box in front of the Long Beach Museum of Art’s Downtown location.

His interest in traditional sign painting became a business which has proliferated the streets of Long Beach and can be seen, if you keep an eye out, walking down 4th Street or Broadway on local restaurants, clothing boutiques, barbershops, and most currently, the wayfinding murals on the downtown Long Beach promenade.



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Nat Iosbaker

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Hello Welcome (2019)
As part of a locally organized group mural show in early 2019, this entryway wall acted as an introduction to the show itself and soon became the logo of the event.

Link to Hello Welcome

'Hello, Welcome' art show is 'organized chaos at its finest'

A sellout crowd of 800 streamed into The Icehouse Arts Complex as the evening wore on.Check out the photos and story:

The Streets Mural Project (2019)
In collaboration with The Streets and Studio Oneleven, 5 distinct wayfinding signs were hand painted along the Promenade in Downtown Long Beach.

Link to The Streets Mural Project

Pow!Wow! Long Beach (2019)
This year for Pow!Wow! Long Beach, everything was hand painted; from each night's event poster, to the pop-up shop and all wayfinding signage. This painting was contributed to a group show on the theme of Emergence for both the commencement of the festival and opening of the Long Beach Post's arts and culture wing- The Hi-Lo.

Link to Pow!Wow! Long Beach

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