Mick Victor

I work in photography, design and mixed media. I engage in a range of projects and requests at various stages and particularly enjoy being invited to participate in the early conceptual planning of a design or art challenge. My experience in small and large project work commercially is extensive and I prefer working within a timeline and an informed budget. I also devote considerable time to my private art development for my work displayed and sold through galleries and private commissions in the Los Angeles area.


Contact Information

Mick Victor
(310) 779-3985

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Artist Work

This link provides a good cross section of my work in mixed media arts. Most works begin in paint sketching or photography and then evolve from there with multiple layers.

Link to various

Art Unexpected / Photography (2018)
Art Unexpected is a fine art photo series photographed in locations around the world. The images are captured where people paint over paint next to other painting for tagging and graffiti. I like to capture the beautiful chaos of the space between.

Link to Art Unexpected / Photography

Portraits (2018)
These are portraits of artists, friends, executives, strangers

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