Melanie Cristofaro

I have been working as a tattoo apprentice for 2 years now as well as finishing up school for illustration. I work in several different medias, traditional watercolor/gouache being my favorite. I also love tattooing and spray painting murals, I find that these are some of the most intimate forms of art that can be done. Ive always had a passion for displaying my art in as many different mediums as I can so that it is accessible to anyone who may need to see it and can relate in any way. The subject of my art usually revolves around empowering women and expressing bottled up emotions. My art tends to have a twisted/disturbing aspect to it, in hopes that it comforts or resonates with people that have this same uneasy feeling of this world. Ive always felt the need to paint these strong female figures because of my personal experiences of feeling oppressed in a world so heavily dominated by men. There is no doubt that I finally found my artistic community of likeminded individuals here in Long Beach, but my goal is to spread this empowerment outside of our safety bubbles. I’ve been a local here for quite some time and have fallen in love with the art, music and skate community. I want to motivate women to be equals in any aspect of their life, even if it means making others feel uneasy and disturbed.


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Melanie Cristofaro
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Artist Work

A Girl & Her Demons (2019)
A girl with bottled up demons, problematic thoughts can be detrimental to a hopeless romantic, don't let your demons get the best of your loving soul. Made this for my senior art show at my school.

Roller Girls (2019)
Roller girls are tough, stylish and just as passionate as any skater. I made these tattoo flash-style girls for the Moxi Art Show in Venice last year. I also love to do more graphic/simple traditional tattoo styles.

No Safety At Sea (2020)
Songs of the siren draw sailors into the void. One of my most recent murals. I love incorporating the idea of my piece into its environment, murals are a passion of mine that Im currently trying to grow in any way I can.