Mark Lawrence Wicker Jr.

I am a local videographer currently living in Lakewood, operating my film business out of Long Beach. I am a huge automotive enthusiast so most of my prior work involves local car culture and classic Japanese vehicles and motorcycles.


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Mark Lawrence Wicker Jr.
(562) 623-5476

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Artist Work

Minitrucks-Giving (2018)
This film samples a niche area of the car culture. "Mini Trucks." These trucks one thing they want to do, get their frame as low to the ground as possible and look good doing it.


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In this footage I interview a huge enthusiast of the Honda motorsports community who has built an un-assuming race car out of a honda civic after his motor gave out on him.

@blanco_flaco - Interviewed

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.dnimreveN (2017)
This project highlights a great friend of mine whom has a fairly rare car. Something you don't see too often in california. A Datsun Stanza Resort.


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