Manda Lira

Manda Lira (American b. Los Angeles, CA 1997) Currently lives and works in Long Beach, CA and has received her BA in Studio Arts from University of California, Riverside (2020). Manda is interested in depicting the visceral nature of looking. She wishes to go beyond the senses to tap into the deeper experience that comes from careful observation of the mundane. Manda’s current work explores the formal relationships between color, print, and figure; she is interested in the way that line and color alter the perception of a figure or an object.


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Manda Lira

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Artist Work

Untitled I (2020)
Oil on Canvas, 20x24 inches

Untitled II (2020)
Oil on Canvas, 20x24 inches

The Rearview (2017)
Oil on Canvas, 14.2x22.7 inches