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Alyssa Young, aka Mama Lyssa, is an artist who has been creating since a young age. Taking on multiple mediums and Mama’s House is an independent art business. As an artist, I love using different techniques and mediums to bring a concept to life. The mission is to create works of art that are one of a kind, and unique to bring joy, happiness, and self-representation into someone’s world and living space.
Mama’s House began while I was completing my Master’s Degree. My home was a place for me and my friends to come together, relax, and express ourselves as needed. It is also the place where I discovered that my passion for creating doesn’t have to come second.
As an artist, one of the most challenging aspects is finding your style. I have been creating since I was young, but only recently have I begun trying to hone in on a style that really screams “Alyssa.” I can’t want for the day to come when people see my art, and know that it’s mine!
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Much Love.

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Bunny Ears (2021)
One of a trio, this Bunny Ear cactus is paired with a little LadyBug just hanging out. This piece is part of a set, and combined some of my previous work with the garden inhabitants and their friends.

Link to Bunny Ears

The Juice (2020)
Expanding into new canvases, this upcycled chair has been painted with orange slices on the seat and orange juice" dripping down each legs of the chair. My painted chairs are intended to be "Share Chairs" for classrooms, but would be perfect for the novelty collector.

Link to The Juice

Lovin' Nature II (2020)
"Lovin' Nature" is a continuous series of work that honors and studies the anatomy of the human body and its connection to nature.

Link to Lovin' Nature II