“Et ego servabo ab igne vivit.”


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Frank Partida
(562) 313-3841

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Yeheshua (2017)
Oil on Canvas . 30x40My take on the Tarot. The Two of Swords. Also a representation of Baptism by fire. To enter the image is to be baptized by fire. Salvation. Qabala, Astrology. Russian iconography.

Untitled (2016)
Oil on Canvas. 22x28 .Mother of Death and Life. The balance between Light and Dark. The fragrance of Life/beauty . The Pentagram in its purest form depicted by the elemental symbols.

Christ Kether (2016)
Oil on Wood. 22x29. A depiction on the ascension of the Physical Body to the Monad. Rising through the Sephiroth of The Tree of Life. Malkuth (The Kingdom) to Kether (The Crown).