Kat Krueger

My work revolves largely around the human figure and how it interacts with nature. The rate at which the planet is changing and degrading impacts everyone, and I find myself drawn to the idea of depicting images that will inspire others to love the natural world, or expose what our home could look like in a short amount of time without proper care given to the planet. In a nod to classical realism, my work consists mostly of narrative oil paintings and drawings. Using oil paint allows me to explore the light play that happens when figures are in a setting, especially through transparent glazes. My work explores a range of dimensions, with most paintings averaging around either a small size, such as 8×10 inches, or mid-scale, at about 30×40 inches.


Contact Information

Kat Krueger
(940) 536-9867

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Artist Work

Fish Out of Water (2019)
oil on canvas

Birds of a Feather (2019)
oil on canvas

Narrative Paintings

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