Jonathan Robinzuela

Jonathan Robinzuela is relatively new to the contemporary art scene, best known for his canvases comprised of discarded street level materials intertwined with his own photography. His work gives emphasis on the industrial detritus of the “ Post No Bills’ society we live in present day. It is best described as abstract mixed media collage with a touch of self medication in his latest work. The layers found on his canvases give you a glimpse into the day to day struggles surviving in modern day society.


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Jonathan Robinzuela
(562) 522-2869

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Artist Work

Detritus (2018)
Jonathan Robinzuela’s current works explores the relationship between new class identities and modern hardships With influence from sociological concepts and self medication. New synergies are distilled from both traditional and modern textures. What seems at a glance starts as contemplation soon becomes manipulated in a carnival of emotions.

LBC (2018)
Mural work done with Michael Petow and Stephan Attardo. This wall depicts the cultural layers that long beach carries as a city past and present.

Idustry (2018)
Mixed Media on wood panel

Survive (2018)
Mixed Media on wood panel.