Joey Stupor

My name is Joey Stupor. I am a 24-year-old artist living in Costa Mesa, California.
I have been painting with Acrylics for about five years but have been creating my entire life.
I’m exceptionally fascinated by crystals, small things that people over look in Nature, and Mysteries that could be hidden around the Cosmos. I feel my art is an expression that allows me to blossom as an artist every single day and I will continue to create and evolve! I Strive to use my Creativity in a positive way, joining other Artist in helping the community and the individual.
Me and a few local L.B. Artists have been heavily pursuing the continual enriching of Long Beach. Starting/Creating events like;
The Filipino Festival 2018, Wallympics 2018, Ink n’ Drink (Held at Rebel Bite Pizza) a once a month artist night and our most recent and majorly successful Show “Hello Welcome” held on Jan. 12th
*We Strive to Make a Difference*


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Joey Stupor

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Artist Work

"Out Getting Ribs" (2017)
7 Layers of Acrylic paint sealed in Epoxy Resin (12x12')

"Secret Gardens" (2018)
22 layers of Acrylic paint sealed in Epoxy Resin (5x5')

"Spore" (2018)
15 Layers of Acrylic paint Sealed in Epoxy Resin (13x13')

"Hello Welcome" (2019)
Helped with the creation, planning and Mural work of "Hello Welcome"

Link to "Hello Welcome"

"First Annual Filipino Festival" (2018)
Participated in The Long Beach Filipino Festival Art Battle/Art Tables

Link to "First Annual Filipino Festival"

"Wallympics" Fundraiser (2018)
Art Battle and Art Auction

Link to "Wallympics" Fundraiser