Jessica Bramlett

I’m known for my bold, black and white aesthetic. I pour my love into creating all kinds of art and cool mementos like enamel pins, stickers, and Instax photography prints. I don’t stick to one medium but my favorite ways of expressing myself is large scale acrylic paintings, watercolor, and photography. ☾


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Jessica Bramlett
(870) 844-0198

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Artist Work

Ascend | Watercolor Painting (2019)
This watercolor embraces both my light and dark side, my sun and moon. Through good or bad I’ll rise above wrapped in love from the Universe.

Knowing Within | Acrylic Painting (2019)
I will never stop seeking my truth, it will shine from deep within me.

Surrender | Acrylic Painting (2019)
During the waning moon, it is time to rest and surrender to the universe. I deeply identify with this time in the moon cycles.