Jessica Bramlett

I’m sweet and sassy. Completely in love with art, design, learning, and teaching. Doing what I love means creating and living from my heart, with purpose. I love going all in, pushing boundaries, and questioning everything.

I’ve been an artist & maker since I can remember. The medium doesn’t really matter to me, I just love creating from the heart and I’ve never faced a creative challenge that could stop me in my tracks. I say yes to what feels right and kindly pass on things better suited for my fellow artists, makers, and designers. I love to be a part of a growing thriving community that is just as passionate as I am.


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Contact Information

Jessica Bramlett
(870) 844-0198

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Artist Work

Ascend | Watercolor Painting (2019)
This watercolor embraces both my light and dark side, my sun and moon. Through good or bad I’ll rise above wrapped in love from the Universe.

Knowing Within | Acrylic Painting (2019)
I will never stop seeking my truth, it will shine from deep within me.

Surrender | Acrylic Painting (2019)
During the waning moon, it is time to rest and surrender to the universe. I deeply identify with this time in the moon cycles.