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Ezra Bejar (EB) is a California-based, Mexico City born, PPT (Plants, Paint and Technology) artist/scientist. His art is a sensory experiment, in randomness and premeditation, resulting in visually enticing, colorful images of nature. Art challenging our notions about esthetics and style. Forms and spaces distilled from nature and a humanly rich mindscape – where art, culture and science coalesce. PPT is a method which gives meaning to his creation. His art has been shown and collected in the United States, Mexico and Europe.

Ezra Bejar (EB) es un artista/cientifico nacido en la Ciudad de Mexico. Su arte combina PPT (plantas, pintura y tecnologia). Cada obra es un experimento, en azar y premeditacion, con imágenes visualmente atractivas retando ideas de formas y espacios. Un rico paisaje humano extraido de una mente donde el arte, la cultura y la ciencia coalescen. Su metodo le da vida permanente a su creación. Sus obras han sido exhibidas y coleccionadas en Estados Unidos, México y Europa.


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Hints about Balche (2018)
Inspired on a legend from the southeast of Mexico (in the Yucatan peninsula). The story tells Mayas made a magic beverage, out of a mix of honey and the bark of a native plant. The medicinal brew called "balche" scared the Spanish conquistadors when they first arrived in Yucatan in 1502 and prohibited its use. For this art work, I studied the animal prints by talented Mexican artist Francisco Toledo. Oil painting (with acrylic under paint) on a canvas 24 x 36," sides painted also..

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Modernite (2017)
A woman standing next to a street and a lakeshore with urban scene in the background. Direct print on aluminum dibond with a 7-color printing technique, matte finish. The 1/8" (3 mm) aluminum Dibond backing consists of a black polyethylene core sandwiched between 2 aluminum sheets coated platinum-white. A triple-layered composite material, ensures stability while maintaining a low weight. Alumnum rails. Ready to hang, dimensions 12 x 16.”

Atemoztli (Water Festival) (2015)
Inspired on a prehispanic aquatic festival. Atemoztli, is a tribute to the sixteen month of the Mexican Aztec calendar. A celebration to Tlaloc, an important deity of the rain, and of fertility and of water, deeply rooted in people’s consciousness, and worshiped as a beneficent giver of life and sustenance. Acrylic painitng on a canvas, framed with a white wooden frame and an orange mat.

Ezra Bejar at Saatchi Art (2017)
Ezra Bejar at Saatchi Art. Best 100 pieces from 2010-2017

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