Ellie Bremen

My journey started in college, I graduated as a pattern designer in textile. Actually, I would never imagine that it will be converted to an art experience one day. I have always been creative since kids age and collect all those papers, pens, different textures, cutting images from magazines, and mix & match them. But the last 7 years were a little different. I am so connected with colors, layers, patterns, mandalas, and different tools in my mixed media and abstract artworks.

I am Ellie A Long Beach-based artist, who lives and works in the city. I come from a multicultural family who lived in eastern Europe, and I love to be part of the multicultural community in Long Beach. As a mom of two, I learned not to be afraid to use colors altogether from my daughter. She did the most incredible touch in my life.

My main goal is to create innovative art classes and sharing content on different platforms but mostly for kids’ classes to help them be part of the art community.

I do focus on patterns, layers, and contrast colors in my artworks. I began my journey creating art journals and now my highlights are the creation of content for art lovers.


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Ellie Bremen

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Mandalas (2020)

Soil (2020)

Dark Blue (2019)